90s HIIT ’90s Movie Soundtracks’ with Frankie BOON TV

with GLOW Frankie

Join us for our signature 30 minute HIIT class, raising heart rates & working up a sweat to an array of the finest in 90s goodness. This week it’s ’90s Movie Soundtracks’ week, so come relive those fond teenage years through some of those amazing 90s screenplays. Woo! HIIT stands for ‘high intensity interval training’ so get ready to go high octane! The final 15 minutes will be a deep & invigorating stretch while those muscles are still warm, focusing mostly on the legs & hips. Perfect!

**Not suitable for pre-natal / shoes required / suitable for post-natal / high impact (low impact mods given)**

Equipment: Fitness mat (towel), hand-weights (tins) 

Book here: https://boon.tv/glowstudios/90s-hiit-90s-movie-soundtracks-thurs-6-aug


August 6
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm