90s Hip Hop HIIT & Stretch with Frankie BOON TV

with GLOW Frankie

Join us for our signature 30 minute HIIT class, raising heart rates & working up a sweat to an array of the finest in 90s goodness. This week its ’90s Hip Hop’ so get ready for belters from Salt n Pepa, Montell Jordan & Kriss Kross! HIIT stands for ‘high intensity interval training’ so get ready to go high octane! The final 15 minutes will be a deep & invigorating stretch while those muscles are still warm, focusing mostly on the legs & hips. Perfect!

**Not suitable for pre-natal / shoes required / suitable for post-natal / high impact (low impact mods given)**

Equipment: Fitness mat (towel), hand-weights (tins) 

Book here: https://boon.tv/glowstudios/90s-hip-hop-hiit-stretch-thurs-2nd-july


2nd July 2020
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm