80s FIT ‘Dance Movies’ *LIVE* with Frankie BOON TV

Find it hard to decide between Barre and Aerobics? How about between Dance Cardio & toning? Well fear no more, because now they are all in one beautiful class.  Introducing 80s FIT, a sexy mixture of lots of different styles of exercise, to help you work up a serious retro sweat. Expect 80s Aerobics & 80s Dance Cardio for the high impact, cardio lovers out there. And then Barre, Toning & Conditioning which will all be low impact, isometric & core-focused.  This is a great all over body workout and of course we will be pumping out those 80s belters alongside. This week it’s the soundtracks from all your favourite dance movies! Think Flashdance, Staying Alive & Perfect! To name a few. Absolute perfection!

*Suitable for pre & post natal (mods given) / high impact & low impact (mods given) / Shoes required for some moves*

Equipment: Fitness mat (towel sub) / resistance band (tights or tea towel sub) / hand-weights (tins sub) / sliders (tea towel sub) / Barre (chair sub)

Book here: https://boon.tv/glowstudios/80s-fit-dance-movies-weds-16-sept


16th September 2020
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm


Boon TV
Cyber Space