90s Barre ‘Girl vs Boy Bands’ *LIVE* with Frankie BOON TV

From 90s pop princesses to 70s soul divas,  and from 80s cheese to 90s smash hits, our retro themed Barre class has got it all. Every week we will alternate themes to keep it fun & fresh. This week it’s 90s Barre ‘Girl vs. Boy Bands’, so expect some epic head to head action from Bewitched versus FIVE, and from Atomic Kitten vs Backstreet Boys. This class incorporates some cardio barre moves to work up that famous GLOW sweat, whilst also focusing on those small glute & leg muscles to get that addictive barre burn. A couple of body conditioning tracks will be thrown in to tone & strengthen and you will end the class with a deep & focused stretch. This class has the ultimate feel-good factor so come sweat with us ya hear!

*Low impact / no shoes / pre & post natal suitable*

Equipment: fitness mat (towel), hand-weights (tins), sliders (tea towel), loop band (tights), barre (chair)

Book here: https://boon.tv/glowstudios/90s-barre-girl-vs-boy-bands-thurs-17-sept


17th September 2020
10:30 am - 11:15 am


Boon TV
Cyber Space