Join the online retro fitness revolution here

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic we have been beaming fun, fresh & retro fitness and dance classes straight into the living rooms of people all around the world. And what an incredible journey it has been so far!

  • We run 7 LIVE fitness classes a week in a variety of super fun themes (obvs!)
  • Those 7 classes are available for replay for 7 days, so don’t fret if you miss it live, you can always catch up!
  • Drop-in 45min class: £6
  • Drop-in 30min class: £4
  • We run monthly 80s Flow Yoga & Dance Party classes
  • We also have a £1 “Throwback Workout’ class that is available for an entire month of replay and only costs £1! Please spread the word to those who would benefit.
  • Unlimited monthly memberships also available at £45 per month (cancel anytime)
  • If you are a key-worker, social care or NHS worker please get in touch with us directly about how to access our classes for free (we will need you to contact us from your work email)

Whilst this online journey has been completely new to us, we have absolutely loved it! Therefore we have decided that we actually are here to stay in CyberSpace. We now have a new studio dedicated specially to live-streaming, and we cannot wait for you to join us at one of our classes. Head direct to our streaming profile on or to our timetable tab and get booking ya’ll! We can’t wait to see you!